Suddenly Us


Love. Who needs that? Who would want that? Who hasn't had their heart split in two, because they were never their first option, and damn sure their second. I have. But I stayed. Why did I stay? It was love. I wanted to finally feel that I was wanted. It didn't matter if he thought I was worthless. It didn't matter if he degraded me, because he felt like it. Any love is better than no love...right?


Every day, I'm haunted and tormented. When, I look in the mirror I see a failure. A failure that let people that needed me down. I worry that it will happen again. If it happens to the people I care about the most, I don't think I could live with myself. Can I put my torturous past behind me and start to enjoy life? Especially now that I have a reason to live it?

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I Still Hate You

I needed a roommate, and I needed one fast. The requirements were simple:

  • Must be clean
  • Nonsmoker
  • No touching my shit.

I underestimated my ad and got the one person I happen to have a one-night stand in Vegas for 'old time sake'. Because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? Bull shit. Did I mention we kind of sort of dated in university? Oh, there's also that small tidbit he left out that he may or may not have been married...

He was.

Certified douchebag. As it turns out I may need his help after all. Even if, I still hate him.

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Revenge...Revenge was Killian Kingston's only intention in life. At a young age, he watched his entire family die slowly and painfully at the hands of the Clyper family. The Clyper’s were notorious well-known physicians. People traveled all over the world to be seen by a Clyper. Some never came back, yet no one talked about those people. No one talked about the experimentations the Clyper’s illegally did.

Now, as a prominent doctor, Killian enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies, with no plans to stop until they're all destroyed no matter what. Things begin to change when Alegra a medical student enters his life. She's bright. She's resilient. She's a fucking Clyper. A Clyper that was dismissed the day she was born. Although that makes her innocent...she's still a Clyper.

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They call me Dare.
At night you can find me on stage at the hottest male strip club on the strip. If you're lucky I may even let you thank me for putting on a good show by putting your mouth to good use.
Kidding...maybe. What am I up to these days? Glad you asked.
Taking my clothes off at night to make a living.
Having a summer fling with a sexy AF raven haired babe.
Snagging a prestigious job at a private school.
Finding out that sexy AF raven haired babe is my student.
We're not talking college.
Say What?!
What other crazy shit can I get into? Let's find out.
They call me Dare. But my friends call me Darius.
Be good to me.

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