What the hell did I know?I spent my entire life running from my past. Right when I was ready to put it all behind me for good, the person I feared the most decided to make a grand entrance and fuck everything I worked hard for. I panic when he's near because his only motive in life is to cause me pain and suffering. But I'm scared. He's not kidding around. He's threatened to destroy every single person that I love. I'll fight like Hell to stop him. Even if it means running again. Even if it means trading my life for the ones I love.


Things were going great...until they weren't. But, I know she's hiding something or someone from me. She's different. Her guard is up, and her focus is to push me away. I swear, I refuse to sit back, and let something come between us...again. I fought like Hell for Emmalin once, and I'll certainly do it again.